Together with your team, we co-create and implement your company’s community marketing and internal corporate community culture to boost growth sustainably.

Community Building

Our Social Community outreach services research where your brand needs to be heard. Knowing where to direct your social media efforts is crucial. We’ll work with you to build a following, increase engagement, and maximize on your social media strategies. Community building can benefit other elements of your business too. It can make it easier to promote content published on your site and build momentum for special events. Building relationships before you need them will take the difficulty out of future plans.

  • According to a study by the University of Innsbruck, almost two-thirds of the companies surveyed stated that their customer community had had a positive influence on decision-making.
  • Nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 report that they receive more detailed information about their customers and their needs through the community.
  • According to Oracle’s report “Socially Driven Collaboration”, community building should not be isolated in marketing. Marketing, however, can receive an enormous boost precisely because of this.

Examples of our work

  • For a government-owned national event and exhibition, we helped to create a “think tank” where different contractors of the event become partners. Since each partner participated in the event’s mission, the exhibition quality increased dramatically, and at the same time, each partner brought related sponsors. The costs of the exhibition decreased by 40% after 2 years while the number of participants moved from 1,000 to 17,000 during the time. 
  • For an Internet Billing Service Provider, we started communicating with the industry leaders to help us as “brand ambassadors” to enforce B2B sales. Amazingly with 10% of the marketing budget for the same amount of sales, the telecommunication industry leaders in Iran helped the company sign agreements with its clients. 

Community Strategy

We’ll help you determine the most effective ways to engage and build your desired community. Our goal is to help strategically guide our clients through an inclusive and sound process that will help engage all the right audiences and build a base of support needed to move the projects along at every phase.

Community Network

We look into community building like it’s a movement, and every movement needs a network of igniters to start. Leveraging our network of high-end individuals and key opinion leaders, we’ll help you build your community.