We partner up with growing startups and companies to take the burden of fundraising by providing our network of investors, funding strategy, and valuation services.

Fundraising and Finance

Fundraising is at the core of our private company offering. Our process is designed to minimize the impact on your company while ensuring the best possible outcome. We do this by matching your funding requirements with the most appropriate capital source from our diverse network of potential funders. Private companies have a wide range of options available to facilitate growth and aren’t necessarily hindered by public enterprises’ same level of restrictions. Knowing which investments better suit private companies needs the kind of expertise finnCap can provide. When it comes to private company fundraising, there are several types of investors we raise funds from. These can include:

  • Venture capital funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Tax-efficient funds
  • Quoted company institutional investors
  • Family offices
  • Strategic investors and corporate venturing arms
  • Venture debt and challenger banks

Examples of our work

  • A mismanages manufacturer in the heavy industry had over one million dollars depth and was near to bankruptcy when they partnered with us. With the help of private equity investment, as well as reengineering their financial structure, we managed to save 400+ jobs as well as making the factory profitable again. 
  • A Manchester-based startup raised its seed money from an Iranian venture capital company with the help of the Oppmakr Institute. In this case, we helped the founder to revise their business model, as well as fund ways to move money. 

Growth Capital

Growth capital is a type of private equity investment, usually a minority investment, in relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business.

Acquisition Finance

Acquisition financing is the capital that is obtained to buy another business. Acquisition financing allows users to meet their current acquisition aspirations by providing immediate resources that can be applied to the transaction.

IPO Strategy

A growth strategy for companies. A private company goes public when it lists its stock for the first time in a stock exchange, where it can be bought and sold by the general public. Going public is a growth strategy that many of our clients start considering at a certain point.