Collaboration Partners

We are in close partnerships with the following organizations, counting on their capacity and expertise where they are needed.

ILIA Corporation

ILIA is a management consulting firm, providing market entry consultation services from initial market understanding to successful market entry strategy implementation. Our joint venture, ILIA\OPPMAKR provides management consulting services for SMEs and Startups.

ASNA Advertising Agency

ASNA is an advertising agency specialized on event management. We have started working on various projects since 2015. The company provides us with event build and design services.

IdeaRun & Event Box

IdeaRun is a startup studio in Tehran, that supports us in technical aspects of our projects as well as MVP development of projects trial phases. Their initiative EventBox also provides the institute with online communication platforms.

Jeihoon Publication

We have partnered with Jeihoon Publication to enable us curating and translating latest management books focused on change, leadership and the things that they don't tech in universities. Started in 1993, Jeihoon is one of the most credible publishings in Iran, having 8000 titles of psychology books published by 200 different publishers, and three book stores.

Celin Creative Studio

Celin creative studio is a boutique ad agency in Tehran. We count on them to provide us with most of the visual brand identities we need for various projects, as well as design and build services.