The Founder

Reza Ghiabi (born 1986) is an Iranian entrepreneur, investor, and nonprofit activist. Also known as an “opportunity maker,” he is an optimist who works with the business elite of Iran and the Middle East.

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Meet Our Team

Innovation, transformation, and leadership occur in many ways. Meet the igniters who make the Oppmakr institute happen. A small, yet agile team that has been together almost from the begining.

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The Network

The expert network is comprised of external specialists with vast field experience who collaborate across our network to offer companies an optimal range of consulting services.

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The Oppmakr Fellows Program

The Oppmakr Fellows Program convenes shapers, academics, and connectors who have shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage in their respective disciplines. The program provides transformational support to a network of visionaries – scientists, academic researchers, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, doctors, journalists, and inventors – who find different approaches to tackle mutual regional and global challenges and create positive change.