In today’s modern economy, no company can stand alone. It is in smart partnerships that we can find business opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

We create strategic alliances via agreements between two or more independent companies cooperating in the manufacturing, development, or sale of products and services, or other business objectives. Our strategic alliances have helped our clients in the following forms:

  • Access to Supplementary Services: One of the most attractive benefits of an alliance with another business is the opportunity to offer supplementary services to clients that otherwise would not be available. A partnership allows a company to provide its clients with a whole new realm of services without losing focus on its capabilities and specialized services.
  • Opportunity to Reach New Markets: Entering a strategic alliance will automatically increase awareness of a brand among an entirely new market that the franchise business has not had the resources to reach beforehand.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: The opportunity to grow market size with a partnership presents the additional opportunity to raise awareness of the brand. Strategic alliances allow an organization to reach a broader audience without putting in extra time and capital.
  • Access to New Customer Base: A trusting, solid business partnership will provide access to an entirely new customer base that the company would not have had access to otherwise.

Examples of our work

  • During the second round of investment, a travel companion startup in Dubai partnered with an IT company in Iran. Relatively low software development rates in Iran decreased the programming cost of the company by 60%. In return, the IT development company in Iran is receiving equity shares in with vesting model. 
  • We have helped a 30+ year telecommunication and hardware trading company in Iran to create a portfolio of partnerships with more than five startups in artificial intelligence and big data. In return for the equity of those startups, the trading giant provided their computer hardware.

Joint Venture

A joint venture is established when the parent companies establish a new child company. For example, Company A and Company B (parent companies) can form a joint venture by creating Company C (child company).

Equity Strategic Alliance

An equity strategic alliance is created when one company purchases a certain equity percentage of the other company. If Company A purchases 40% of the equity in Company B, an equity strategic alliance would be formed.

Non-equity Strategic Alliance

A non-equity strategic alliance is created when two or more companies sign a contractual relationship to pool their resources and capabilities together.