Oppmakr Institute

We help our partners and clients to disrupt the way they create value and make money in the smartest and effective way.

Research has shown that business model innovation can create up to 25x more significant competitive advantage compared to product and process innovation. However, only 17% of companies have invested in evaluating their business model design. And while we observe more and more companies understanding the importance of business model innovation, they still have a hard time translating high-level business modeling concepts to practical techniques and tools while designing or redesigning a business.

We have a holistic approach to business modeling. We design businesses the same way we design products. Combining target segment & user research, we carry out comprehensive market & competitor research. We focus on outlining the dominant business models & most important long-held beliefs that can be disrupted. When we prototype solutions, we design different relevant business models together with you. Business model evaluation exercises follow our product reviews. And finally, while trying out different prototypes, we experiment with different business models, too. 

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