We help clients improve performance by assessing how internal and external changes affect progress, with foresight and analysis of competitive dynamics and considering the clients’ key capabilities.

Corporate Strategy

Our approach is based on identifying and implementing a prioritized set of growth platforms that will enable clients to achieve their growth ambitions. This distinctive approach, underpinned by the 9 Levers of Value, is designed to bring benefits for clients by:

  • Connecting related opportunities, driving internal collaboration and efficiency
  • Building up insight and enabling scaled investment over time, as one opportunity leads to another
  • Providing multiple routes to achieve targets and mitigating risk of setbacks with diversified portfolios of opportunities (i.e. if one idea falters, the platform remains strong)
  • Providing a realistic plan accounting for the required talent and skillsets, digital capabilities and infrastructure, time horizons and appetite for risk
  • Enabling sustained growth by institutionalizing growth as a capability in the company’s DNA
  • Setting up ongoing management of new growth opportunities as a portfolio of investments with specific metrics to maintain momentum and progress

Examples of our work

  • For a multinational ride-sharing startup that has been recently acquired by an industry giant, we did comprehensive and pragmatic research about how to become a super app. The leadership team of the company was convinced to adopt the new super app strategy because of the research results and learnings. 


We lead business plan development or facilitate strategic planning by moderating strategy sessions and taking the client through the strategic planning process to reach the best possible impact.

Market Attractiveness Assessment

By providing market attractiveness assessment services, we help companies to evaluate new market entry opportunities locally and abroad and develop the best go-to-market strategy for existing and new products and services.

Organization and Corporate Culture

To better support the business growth of our clients, our strategy services include restructuring of business units, post-merger integration, establishment of shared services to provide better, faster services to business units at lower cost, redesign of organizational structure to adapt to new strategy and business needs, efficiency improvement, KPI development, management incentives model.

Change Management

Change management is needed when performance is decreasing due to a crisis, technological breakthrough of the industry, increased competition, consumer preferences changes, mergers & acquisitions, organizational restructuring, and many other reasons.