As of 2015, instead of using in-house resources, Oppmakr Institute curates Oppmakr Teams. Per each project, Oppmakr institute creates a team of experts out of its network of field generals. While the Oppmakr institute looks carefully for the project integrity and account management and approach strategy, the teams will do the job and deliver proven quality. This method gives the institute the flexibility to look into the client’s challenges unbiased and reduces the project costs by 40% in some cases.

The Network

Oppmakr’s network of professionals is one of the most powerful and knowledgeable experts and influentials in Iran.

Competent, experienced, flexible, and determined – that is our expert network. The expert network comprises external specialists with vast field experience who collaborate across our network to offer companies an optimal range of consulting services. The expert network is dedicated to providing answers on organizing your operation better and setting up more efficient cost-effective processes.


The Oppmakr Fellows Program

The Oppmakr Fellows Program convenes shapers, academics, and connectors who have shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage in their respective disciplines. The program provides transformational support to a network of visionaries – scientists, academic researchers, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, doctors, journalists, and inventors – who find different approaches to tackle mutual regional and global challenges and create positive change. Read more about the program >>