Inline with "enabling innovation culture", our mission is to shape innovative ventures in Iran. In the absence of hope to a better economic future for Iranians, we believe we must create opportunities for everyone to grow. Therefore we always seek for responsible optimists to connect, and monitor best practices to decode and learn the best-in-class business trends and strategies.

Since it’s birthday, the OPPMAKR Institute has been evolved to the needs of its stakeholders. Now the the institute has three initiatives for investment, transformation consulting and community building. While the institute works as a think tank to coordinate and form partnerships, other entities focus on necessary areas of action.

" Living only one life in this world is not enough for those of us who see a brighter future for the world around us, the only way we can make that future happen, is to truly understand that together is better. "

— Reza Ghiabi, Founder of the OPPMAKR Institute

We are different because we understand what keeps Iran organizations from being great. First, the way most of the Iranian companies work is broken; they are slow, inefficient and unprofessional. Second, most people (and companies) in Iran believe there are business shortcuts to make tremendous amounts of money without creating an actual “value”. Third, like sheeps following their first in the row, the majority of individuals and companies in Iran do not actively think and strategize to choose their own path, instead, they do what others do.

We constantly learn from forward-thinkers to apply local solutions with international standards. In the past 12 months, 83% of our proposals converts to projects and 68% those who work with us, return. We help our clients to make money and only charge them for the services that create real actual value for them. 55% of our clients are new. We also do not copy and pate offers or solutions. Instead, we carefully analyze the business environment we are in and make a tailor-made suggestion for every business transaction.

We start from a fundamental belief: "We can make a future where everyone has the opportunity to grow." The only thing that keeps individuals from activating these opportunities is their lack of empowerment. If we invest certain resources like time and energy in people, they will discover their full potential and create a positive impact for themselves and the world around them. We also believe that businesses and organizations are structures of people and can make the world a better place via digital transformation. In our platform, we provide strategic partnerships and access to a network of trusted minds to convert passion projects into profitable and impactful ventures.

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Not only clients to do business with, but partners. Our portfolio of projects impacted over a hundred of organizations from smart startups to huge multinationals, here are a few examples of the organisations we have worked with.

In 100% of the projects we acquire, we carefully document involvement track record of individuals who helped the acquisition process -whether they helped us find the lead, or they create trust between two parties, and we always make it worth. We believe that the real sense of fulfillment comes from finding a “meaning” in what we do. Thus, we semiologically analyze the projects we face, not only to be profitable but to see whether doing that job, moves us toward our vision.

Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough. "

— Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

We consult our offers with our network of visionaries to make sure they’re doable. We also have ongoing semiological analysis on the latest trends of innovation in Iran.