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Oppmakr is an institute devoted to making opportunities, usually in the form of connecting and correcting organizations. Oppmakr began in 2005 as a boutique consulting agency where digital transformation and market entrance strategy converged. Today Oppmakr is a think tank in Iran covering almost all services that matter to businesses — from strategic alliances to strategy to finance with partners from Syria to Switzerland.

History of Oppmakr Institute

Oppmakr was born in 2005 out of Reza Ghiabi’s observation of a powerful market need among three fields: project management, data-driven strategy, and operation management. The first project, which he finished with his first co-workers’ —his college classmates, included a demo of pen and pencil factory layout design in Yazd.

Continuing the project management field for over 30 manufacturing companies in 6 years, senior managers of the company understood that there are many similarities between the challenges of these companies and, at the same time, a modified version of one’s solution might be used to another leading the company to focus more on management consulting. The company moved services to market entry strategy and shared its learnings with Iran’s newborn startup community.

In 2015 and with the JCPOA between Iran and P5+1, the business was booming for the Oppmakr, where most European companies wanted to enter the world’s largest untapped market at the time. This success allowed the company to transform into a think tank and be more flexible, philosophically driven, and smarter. The company changed its size from 80 employees to only 15 and started to use elite experts’ networks for each project.

The Oppmakr institute had the opportunity to work with various organizations such as Knauf Iran, Samsung, Falcon, Franchise Middle East, AirToya, RSP Group, SABB, Saman Bank, UNRIC, and Careem. In October 2019, the Institute finished its 125th project operating in more than 15 countries.

How Oppmakr Teams work?

Since 2015, instead of using in-house resources, Oppmakr Institute curates Oppmakr Teams. Per each project, Oppmakr institute creates a team of experts out of its network of field generals. While the Oppmakr institute looks carefully for the project integrity and account management and approach strategy, the teams will do the job and deliver with proven quality. This method gives the institute the flexibility to look into the client’s challenges unbiased and reduces the project costs by 40% in some cases.

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Year of foundation:

Management Services

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Forsatafarin Noavar Institute – 37869

Iran’s National Elites Foundation, Iran Management Consultants Association

70% Ghiabi family, 30% other shareholders

Optimism x Pragmatism x Elitism

We believe that companies can be a force of good. But a belief without action is nothing. That is why we walk the talk with the business elites to tackle real challenges that our clients face.

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