Oppmakr Institute

We show our partners how to create a community of stakeholders that lets them grow stronger than they ever could with only their resources.

We believe that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation. As technology accelerates, our human-only characteristics such as emotion, intellect, intuition, and instincts become more valuable than ever. Building a community is now a strategic imperative.

Amazon sells lots of books. Still, to do that, they needed to develop lots of file serving and storage capacity and get very, very good at delivering lightning-quick web results in one of the highest traffic demand environments online.

Amazon took something that had little to do with their existing business, but which they had become incredibly proficient at, and created Amazon Web Services that allows thousands of companies to build on the Amazon framework. 

Airbnb is a community marketplace that allows property owners and travelers to connect to rent unique vacation spaces around the world. I use it frequently and love how simple the service is to use. Airbnb is built on Amazon Web Services and uses its database tools to develop their community.

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