Christophe Rezai

Musician + Composer


Christophe REZAÏ, born in France in 1966, is a French-Iranian composer and musician living in Iran and focused on fusion music between Iran and Western music. He approaches different styles of music also.

Since 1994 he works in several music fields: As a composer for the film (full length & short French or Iranian films) working with directors like Dariush Mehrjui, Mani Haghighi, Shahram Mokri, documentaries (Our summer in Tehran dir. Justine Shapiro, 2010), theatre, TV advertising (BBC Persian, Farsi 1, …) and his own music (albums released with Hermes Records, and MiM Records his own label). He granted 9 best movie score’s prizes.

As a musician, he founded several music ensembles like NOUR Ensemble in 2000 with 9 French and Iranian singers and instrumentalists. This ensemble has given many concerts in Europe or Asia (Fes Sacred Music Festival, “Les Orientales” Festival, Festival de Musique Baroque de Pontoise, …), and has been broadcasted by MEZZO TV Channel & France Musique and released his first album, “Alba” in 2005.


Tehran, Iran